Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Naked MahiMahi

Before we left Fernandina Beach on Monday morning I ran up on shore to the dockside Atlantic Seafood. They were just getting organized for the day, in fact their cases were bare, but I was able to purchase a 1.6 lb MahiMahi filet. It was beautiful.

When dinner rolled around I looked up a few recipes on the iPad, and then went back to my basic theory about fish: Fresh, I mean really fresh - caught in the last 24 hours - fish needs nothing more than sprinkle of salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime juice. So that's what I did. It was dark and I was too lazy to grill it on the upper deck, so instead I cooked on the cast iron galley grill. It was still fabulous: tasting like the ocean, with a squeeze of lime.

Sorry, I was so anxious to sit down and eat that I forgot to take a photo.....

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